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The medical and scientific communities are becoming increasingly aware that although antibiotics have saved lives, they also have a very dark side.

Many studies have shown that long-term antibiotic use can disrupt your friendly gut flora to the point where your immune functioning is impaired.  This makes you moresusceptible to infections for which more antibiotics are prescribed, therefore creating a vicious cycle of chronic infection. 

They’ve also been implicated as a cause behind Crohn’s disease due to the inflammation they stir up in the intestinal tract and the confusion of the immune system.

Plus now we’re seeing the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria which sadly, has been fatal in many cases.  Nature is smart and always evolving, and so far, bacteria have found a way around every single antibiotic we’ve come up with.

Especially dangerous are Clostridium difficile (C. difficile), which causes life-threatening diarrhea, Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), which causes bloodstream infections that prove fatal in almost 50 percent of cases, and Neisseria gonorrhoeae that cause gonorrhea.

Houston, we have a problem

Up until recently, the focus has been on long-term or prophylicticuse of antibiotics as being the primary problem, with the belief that the gut can recover sufficiently from individual short-term rounds of treatment.

But a recent study has changed all that.

According to research published in mBio, one single course of antibiotics is potentially strong enough to disrupt your protective gut flora for UP TO A YEAR!

But that’s not all.

Because the researchers observed that in addition to obliterating your friendly little protectors, antibiotics were also found to enrich and support genes that are associated with antibiotic resistance.

So it’s a deadly double-edged sword.

Fight the battle—and WIN!

The best way you can help minimize your chances of antibiotic-related problems (including the potentially fatal effects of antibiotic-resistant infections!) is to support and nurture the illness protection provided by Mother Nature.

Otherwise known as your IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Start with your diet:

Limit sugars and refined carbs, as these feed the unfriendly inhabitants in your gut which can eventually overcome your army of good guys. 

Make sure you get plenty of whole foods, especially fresh vegetables and healthy fats like real butter, olive oil and avocado. 

Try to choose organic meat and milk, as animals raised on conventional farms are injected with antibiotics (to make them grow faster), which in turn make their way into your body.

Put the power of supplementation to work for you:

Our Immune Boost bundle of products is as good as it gets! 

Immune Boost Bundle is a carefully selected group of top-quality immune-enhancing and supporting products that includes three of the most crucial supplements for proper immune health—Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula, Hydroxaden 2.5 Vitamin B12 spray, and Vitamin D-K Factor.

Reduce stress:

Stress actually causes changes to your gut microbiome making it less able to defend against harmful infections and viruses…so it’s crucial to do all you can to reduce stress in your life. 

Regular exercise is extremely helpful.  You can also try deep breathing, yoga, meditation, prayer, workshops and massage therapy.  Even adopting a pet has been shown to help—so visit your local animal shelter if this is right for you.

Get enough sleep: 

Studies have shown that even one night of poor sleep can depress your immune functioning by up to 30 percent.

If you have trouble sleeping, try going to bed and getting up at the same time each day.  Don’t watch the news or other upsetting images before retiring.  Take a warm bath and sip chamomile tea.  

Placing lavender essential oil on or near your pillow can help.  Melatonin or tryptophan supplements have been shown to help too.

The best way to avoid antibiotic dangers is to not need them in the first place. 

Do all you can to support your precious immune system and help decrease your chances of relying on antibiotics (or many other drugs for that matter)!



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